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Tour Description

This unique tour is the ideal merge of modern and traditional attractions. It begins at the most beautiful and exciting sea channel on the Adriatic Sea - St. Anthony channel. This sea passage has always had special strategic role in controlling sea traffic in and out of Šibenik harbour so it was often referred to as "The defender of Šibenik".  We will climb to panoramic hill top where we will enjoy unique view of the city of Šibenik and its surroundings together with numerous islands in the archipelago and get the real sense of where we are in time and place in the Šibenik region. This is the ideal photo opportunity for capturing memories and taking them back home.

We are also going to discover the so called ˝Hitler’s eyes˝- a military sea tunnel from World War II. This is the place where fantasy is born as it is very similar to the James Bond movie set. From 007 we take you to nearby exploration in Indiana Jones style to the small cave chapel located in a vicinity which was used by hermits in middle ages. We continue on fairy tale winding path along the channel and its small bays and beaches under the shaddow of the pine trees to get to the St. Nicholas fortress for brief visit. This fortification is placed on an islet at the channel entrance from the sea side and was built in the 16th century for the defense from the Ottoman Empire.  Now it is under the UNESCO protection and was recently used as a set for the famous and very popular Game of Thrones.

Then we will board the boat, your private yacht and time machine for that day, as the island Prvić is small and still not overcrowded with tourists so it gives a taste of true, nowdays mostly lost, Dalmatian way of life. This nostalgic feeling is emphasized by the fact that cars are not allowed on the island and all of traffic is done by old, squeaky tractors. We will explore the island and its picturesque villages by bikes and refresh ourselves in some of the hidden bays enjoying privacy. The visit to a center dedicated to an inventer of parachute, Faust Vrančić, is also possible.

After island Prvic we hop to Zlarin, the nearby island also known as the ˝Island of Corals˝. Zlarin is a miraculously peaceful, silent and a very green island whose inhabitants were known for their skill to find and extract sea corals using boats specific for that region, "latinsko jidro" (Latin Sail) which can still be seen in their small harbour. After a ride through this old place and refreshment provided by the crystal clear sea, we will have lunch in a very intimate atmosphere at the restaurant serving only the best homemade local meat and sea food. After an exciting day your stomach will know how to thank you for such delicacies.

After dinner you can relax on fly deck of the yacht with glass of wine from one of the Šibenik's best vinaries - Testament. All sweet water, fruits and wine are included in price so do not worrie about dehidratation :) We sail back to St. Nicolas fortress and finish our trip through the channel of St. Anhony with spectacular entrance into the port of Šibenik.



4+ persons - €230 (1.700,00kn) pp *

3 persons - €290 (2.100,00kn) pp *

2 persons - €345 (2.500,00kn) pp *

pp * price per person (VAT included)

regular MTB

4+ persons - €210 (1.550,00kn) pp *

3 persons - €270 (1.950,00kn) pp *

2 persons - €325 (2.350,00kn) pp *

pp * price per person (VAT included)

Tour Overview

Length: - approx 30km * - duration/8 hours * Can be modified to meet your requirements.
Please ask.

Price includes: - e-bikes/mtb bikes - helmet - guide - private luxurious boat - fruits, snacks and drinks on boat - towels - water for ride - bike ride insurance

Price excludes: - lunch - personal expenses - travel insurance - any extra arrangements - anything not mentioned under "What's included"

Recommended: - swim suits - sports shoes - sun screen - photo camera

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