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Tour Description

Dalmatian soil is mostly made of rock with little soil on top of it. But that little piece of soil is the essence of life which rewards hardworking people that cultivate it. Red Dalmatian soil, being first cleaned of stones which are then arranged into walls without binding material (called „suhozid“ meaning drywall), is incredibly fertile when irrigated and that is why Dalmatia is known for its olive grove and vineyards. Virgin olive oil, figs, grapes and wine are our most important and valued products and drywalls, creating both shelter for plants and incredible patterns in nature, are on UNESCO's list of the intangible good of humanity.

Morinje bay is placed right behind of Šibenik's suburb so we ride on small field roads among olives, vineyards and small gardens. Morinje bay has always played an important role in agriculture of local population because of its brackish waters and underground sources of fresh water. It is a fruitful valley that has been cultivated even before The Roman Empire. The small climb will get us to vineyards situated on hill tops over Jadrtovac village. At this point you will be gratefull for having an e-bike as climb is rather demanding for people not used to ride on hilly terrains with macadam surface but on the top you will be rewarded with view on over half of a million vines. During the wine tasting you will be introduced to the long history of the wine making in this area and you will have a chance to taste the best wines of local variaties that has been internationally recognized and awarded.

From vineyard we countinue to small village of Brodarica. On our way there we will cross Morinje bridge with magnificient view on Island of Krapanj. In Brodarica village we stop for refreshment and swimm (depending on weather conditions) and after the break we ride on the road next to the coast. On our way to Zablaće village we will also ride through the Amadria Park hotel resort which also makes an interesting ride. After Zablaće, the road leads us to St. Anthony channel with St. Nicolas fortress at its sea entrance. This monumental fortification has been built on small islet to prevent any possible attacks of The Otoman Empire from the sea on city of Šibenik and has recently been placed under the protection of UNESCO. It also served as film set for popular serial Game of Thrones that has been filmed in Šibenik as well as on some other locations in Croatia.

After the brief visit we ride on nice winding path along the channel and under the pine trees to our next stop, U-shaped sea tunnel, built by axis forces during WW II for patrol boats which are localy known as „Hitler's eyes“ becasuse of its two entrances overlooking the channel The atmosphere inside the tunnel resembles the atmosphere from James Bond movies. From 007 we take you to exploration in Indiana Jones style - this time it's a small hidden cave chappel used by hermits in The Middle Ages. After this adventerous break we climb two panoramic hills whit fantastic views on city of Šibenik, it's surrounding, channel and archipelago with numerous islands on the horizon. This is a must-photo-stop.

At our final stage of the tour we ride on the opposite side of Šibenik bay and back to the city.



Price - € 135 pp *

*pp price per person (VAT included)

Tour Overview

Length: -approx 35km * - duration/4-6 hours * Can be modified to meet your requirements.
Please ask.

Price includes: - top quality wine tasting with brunch - e-bikes/mtb bikes - helmet - guide - bottle of water - car support - bike ride insurance

Price excludes: - lunch - personal expenses - travel insurance - any extra arrangements - anything not mentioned under "What's included"

Recommended: -swim suits -sports shoes -sun screen -photo camera

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