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Krka Waterfalls

- amazing experience waterfalls to sea

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Tour Description

NP krka is a huge area that would take couple of days to tour it all. That is why we break it down to couple of tours and here is Krka Waterfalls tour. Krka river with all of its natural beauties that are carved in this hard and sharp rocky terrain and hidden from usual travelers and people, with all its jewels of historical significance with its cutural heritage to the mankind, with its call for adventure and exploration with numerous magnificient view points and attractions. This river has always been a bound between land and sea and we made our tour to for you to experience best of both in memorable fashion.

After the car transfer we start our tour in small dalmatian hamlet. From there our path leads us to the first attraction on our route, the Torak lake, perfectly rounded natural lake with source of fresh water deep under the surface. It is located in between high cliffs of Cikola river canyon and this surreal picture makes you wonder of the wonder of nature and its power to amaze. From there we will follow the canyon for some time and head to our next stop, the river mouth of river Krka and Cikola. At this spot Krka river picks up reinforcement for  magnificent crescendo at its glorious flow, at famous waterfalls few kilometers down the stream. You will see how water and winds have carved out their ways and taimed hard stone to become protector and guardian of the river throughout centuries.

Futher we will ride between stone walls and field roads that will remind you of South Africa, if you have ever been there, with its blue sky and tall dry gras for couple of kilometers. After passing by one of the entrances to NP Krka, that is ment for bus visits, we will start amazing decending toward Skradin. This curly asphalt road will float you down to the entrance of NP krka waterfalls, the most famous part of the park. At the begining you will ride in fairy tale scenary next to the river and once you reach the waterfalls please be aware that this oasis is on bucket list of every traveller or tourist so please do not be surprised by the number of visitors to this place, that would be in contrast to our previous experience of having the park just for ourselves.

Our staff will pack the bikes back on the trailor and you will board the taxy boat that will take us to the Vidrovaca restaurand hidden in the canyon and again far from the masses of tourists. This brilliant restaurant has a very well deserved place on Gault Millau. A special charm is given by the fact that the restaurant is approachable only by the sea. The location is great because it is at a beach with a lot of shade so you can take a refreshing swim while waiting for your food (we have towels for you of course).

The fun doesn’t stop there, after the lunch another is boat coming to pick you up and take you through the canyon and Lake Prokljan, where you can take a swim  and final refreshment if needed, and through last canyon of krka river before it surrends its waters to the sea at the bay of Sibenik.



4+ persons - € 160 pp *

3 persons - € 190 pp *

2 persons - € 230 pp *

*pp price per person (VAT included)

Tour Overview

Length: - approx 29km * - duration/6-8 hours * Can be modified to meet your requirements.
Please ask.

Price includes: - car transportation and support - boat - taxy boat - e-bikes/mtb bikes - helmet - guide - fruits and water - bike ride insurance

Price excludes: - ticket to NP Krka - lunch - personal expenses - travel insurance - any extra arrangements - anything not mentioned under "What's included"

Recommended: - swim suits - sports shoes - sun screen - photo camera

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